To go with the flow to not resist to trust the spirit to be open these were things we believed so Euripides one day stoned near oblivion gives away all his money and possessions which amount to a few dollars and a guitar and walks out to the interstate where he thumbs a ride to anywhere wherever the driver who picks him up is going and eventually winds up in Boston crashing with hippies who feed him and care for him where he meets Gilda who's a student at the Berkeley School of
Music and they spend a week together making love doing drugs hardly ever getting out of bed before she gives him money and he hitchhikes back home with new status and a hundred stories one of which concerns the tattooed dull-eyed driver of a car that picked him up in the middle of the night on an empty road and how the car was packed so full of bibles Euripides had to squeeze into the passenger seat and fold his legs under him because bibles were stacked on the floor and how there was a machete between the seats and the driver seemed nervous and scared and kept stopping the car to get out and pray on his knees on the side of the road and when he got back in he was sweating and he'd
look across the small darkness as if he were struggling and whenever Euripides tried to start a conversation the man could only mutter incoherently about demons saying demons in the car in the dark demons and how by the time he stopped the car he was sobbing but with what looked like joy as he pulled over and opened the door and said Get out, son. Go on. Go.
We bent or broke the rules because the rules were the problem and the future had to be something new altogether a place you couldn't arrive looking backwards. We read Marshall McLuhan. We talked about driving through life looking in the rearview mirror which was history which was blind to the future to the new world that was coming where all the old laws were irrelevant which was a word we liked to use relevance relevant irrelevant so the rules fell away and Arnie made love to his sister-in-law because that's cool she's cool we were there and the vibe was there so we went with the flow which was cool only later Arnie's brother was hospitalized for depression and his wife had left him and moved to South America with a stranger; and last time I saw Arnie he was a solemn guy and looked changed, different. He looked deeper somehow.