A young woman sits in an easy chair under a peace poster. The calf of her left leg rests on her right knee. Her hands disappear where we know they must be pressed together in the comfortably enclosing space formed beneath the crook of her left knee and the thigh of her right leg. We've all sat like that at times. We recognize the posture. And the look on her face, that distant, pensive stare, we recognize that too. She's thinking. She's considering something. Is she at peace? Well, she's at rest. The word peace on the poster is centered directly above her head. She's probably sitting for me. She might just be bored. A wire dangles down from the window to her right. It touches the floorboard heater and disappears behind the chair. Perhaps there's a fan in the window on the other end of the wire hidden behind that cheap, poorly hung curtain. I have no idea. Could be a fan, could be a beer sign, a radio. Whatever, the curtain hides it for eternity and I can't imagine anyone caring, but that peace poster, that's another matter. The word peace is divided by a diagonal line, the top half of the word is white and the bottom half is black. Above the letters e-a-c, two arms rise up with open hands. One arm is black the other is white. Together the hands hold a white dove. I remember the background was light blue, though all you can see of course is gray. I wonder what I was thinking. Black chair, white girl, black arm, white arm, white dove. Did I see meaning there? What about the people who made and sold the poster? Do those black and white arms represent to the duality of human nature? If so, Lord what dreamers to have them holding a dove. More likely it was meant to suggest unity, especially racial unity; more likely it was meant to say something like this: working together the various peoples and races of the world can unite in peace and harmony. It was like that those days such dreams such faith. The door alongside her is blocked by the chair because it leads to a second apartment. The landlord, who was an antiwar longhair free-love freak himself, took what used to be one apartment, nailed the doors between rooms shut and turned it into two apartments at double the rent. Then found some hippie friends to move in.