Scene Two

(Jessie picks up cat from sofa and stokes its fur)

Jessie: (talking-to-animals voice) Hello sweetie. You're a sweet thing aren't you. Yes you are, yes you are, I know you are. Where has that bad old man gone? Did he go get film from the car? Yes he did, the bad old man, he left us all alone. You're such a sweet thing aren't you? You just want to nuzzle and purr. You just want to lie in the sun, don't you? Here.

(She puts the cat down on the sofa, and then looks mischievously toward the front door before removing all her clothes, throwing them in the closet, looking herself over in the mirror a moment, and then lying on the floor facing the cat and the sofa, her back to the audience, her knees pulled up and her hands pressed between her knees like a sleeping child.

Euripides enters, sees her, freezes and then touches one hand to his heart.)

Euripides: Oh, God. Don't move. Don't move one muscle. You are so beautiful. (He positions himself behind her and snaps a picture.) Wait. (He goes about taking a tripod from the closet and setting it up.)

Jesse: (sleepy, dreamy voice; staring at the cat.) What are you doing, Ronnie?

Euripides: Setting up the tripod. I don't want to mess up this shot.

Jesse: Hurry up. I need someone to keep me warm.

Euripides: One second. Don't move. You're so beautiful. God, you are so beautiful.