What are we doing here? That's all I'm saying. Are we playing or are we protesting? I'm getting shot at with canisters of pepper gas and you're like nowhere to be found. Is that too much to ask? That, like, you hang with me? I was worried, man. This is heavy. They've got pigs on the rooftops with guns. They're not messing around. I'm like really scared looking all over for you and then you're like with some cop hanging out bullshitting. I mean, what's that? Is this some kind of game? You're smiling, he's smiling, he slaps you on back? This is serious. This isn't a big joke. You're acting like its a joke or something. We're doing something here. We came with a purpose. This is about the war. This is about ending the war. It's not about getting high and hanging out being crazy. You coming? You coming with me?