Ronnie he was this was after Jessie and she was like man you didn't want to be around she was a deep place in the cosmos brother but he was like man where's the heart where's the connection if he just he just, C? Where did she come from? One day just, C? This raises questions for me. Oh, come on. So, what? Now there's no
more deep, like always connections? What do we do, just move from one to the next whenever we're so moved? What happens to kids what happens to families? Okay, communes. I can dig that, but, still, Jessie is wrecked, she'd be wrecked on a commune too, and Ronnie, he's walking around holding hands with C like some kind of little kid love. There's something shallow about that to me. There's something that's not genuine. I don't know. I see what you're saying. I just think sometimes going with the flow can be a little more complicated than that. I don't know. I like Jessie is all. I like Ronnie, too. Euripides, man.
It's just if this age of Aquarius moves like that one to the next and someone always getting left behind where's the peace and harmony in that? Yeah, I know. Sometimes I'm just uncool like that. What can I say? Sometimes I get lost in it all.
We were at the center of everything. VietNam? A doomed war raging in a planetary backwater. We were the story. The evil of the war, a foil for our ideals. They offered bloodshed and death. We offered peace and love. They said duty and responsibility. We said join the party. They were death merchants. They were spirit killers. We were cosmic dancers. We were lovers and singers and craftsman of peace. That whole age, the whole era, it was a speed rush, a high wind, a blast of challenge and rage. No one could resist it, no one stood still, everything was moving circa 1967-1968.