The body might glide away. Not the body but the stuff the way you inhabit your body it might it can glide away swoosh swoosh, it's gone. Only the terribly blessed ones know our secrets. I'm in here. You can be out there too where the night spirits hover like doped-up angels. I try to stay indoors at night. I like bars where they play chess
with a clock. I watch the seconds tick past while the armies are arrayed the black and white, knights and bishops, kings and queens. They play. I watch. They have long hair and eyes like search lights, the chess players. One hand moves a piece and the same hand slaps the clock, stopping his time and starting the enemies time and you can't use your other hand; you can't move a piece with one hand and stop your clock with the other. It's not allowed. There are rules. In ten minutes max the war is over, someone wins someone loses. The victor holds the table. The next opponent comes. If I'm quiet, they don't mind.
Sometimes someone will buy me a beer. I used to be a student too, long time ago. Not that long, really. Couple of years. If I start talking, if I start pointing and explaining, then they ask me to leave. Even out there where the night might burrow or crawl and we're all even the chess players would be helpless.
Mind expanding drugs, it's like this: you can get there without drugs, no question, people have been going there since the beginning, but with acid and peyote especially it's like, whoosh, you're there, you see the center. It's like a whirlpool taking you right down, right there; like a funnel into the heart of the cosmos, the still center of the turning universe, the heart of darkness, the source of light, it's all one and the same. Been going on forever. 'Course the man don't want you to go there. 'Course he's going to make laws. Once you've been there, how are going to accept a quiet house in suburbia with 2.4 kids and a garage? No way. Drugs threaten the system and anything that threatens the system, man, that's illegal.