What we heard in the wash of sea water over sand the universal song of peace and fellowship God's voice beyond words eternal peace and all the bloodshed and greed and avarice and murder were aberrations and not alike to the bluefish-filled waters where in feeding frenzy they rip out each others bellies mad for the kill.
Ocean dream water. How we fit in the slope of a boulder by the sea.
And so we dreamed that in this world we would go back to nature where in our stone houses and so we dreamed in gardens on beaches where all would dream skies stretched out like the palm of a mother's hand over our heads protecting we said mother earth we said back to nature we said make love not war and we meant it and in the same breath we might say come the revolution this won't be and that won't be come the revolution make love back to nature peace brother we'd say all the time:

Peace, brother.

Come the revolution.