It's like a party for them all the time, but they're blind and what they can't see will hurt them in time. They'll learn. The way they move like they own the earth and will walk upon it forever. They're always happy as children, even when they talk about the riots and the war. I listen. They think I'm not here, but I listen and I hear.
There are shadows gliding over the light places of the earth, dark emerging. We're disappearing into the dark as the new thing hovers and searches for it's shape. We'll all be gone in time and it will be here. Master of the night spirits the shades it's emerging being casts a shadow and the terribly blessed can feel it like a sudden chill because it blocks out the good light and creates the darkness in which they emerge and when they're strong enough they slide into your body and take control. Then the battle begins. It requires concentration. If you can't believe if you don't have faith you're lost, though I don't
think it matters what form your belief takes, Buddhist, Deist, Christian monk. The battle is coming for everyone. It's us against them, light against dark. We must win.
Look, in South America, there are shaman up in those mountains, man they know stuff we haven't even dreamed yet in our Western, scientific culture. There are actually pictures of these priest levitating, just lifting up off the ground. How does Western science explain that? There's stories of shaman who travel on beams of light, like one morning they're in one part of the country, next morning they're a thousand miles away. And these guys are not taking airplanes, man. All I'm saying is, there's a whole lot we don't know, and everyone of these shaman, priest, medicine-man cultures--they all employ hallucinogenic drugs. That's got to tell you something.