The streets are burning. They killed him. They shot all over but he was the one who died, like a war. In the war they're dying all the time, little girl screaming. Napalm. We're evil not all of us but them. This is the way evil works if they knew this things
would be different. It fills the sky. The night spirits feed on it and grow. As they get more powerful it's easier to take over one of our bodies, they just glide inside us. Take my word. It happened to me, and even if-- like I did-- you defeat it in battle you're still never the same. It's like you're old from then on. You're always tired. I hardly ever sleep at night and during the day I'm tired. My father sends me money. My mother writes letters. He was protesting and they shot him. My father thinks the army would be good for me. He's trying to get me drafted. My mother said he's gone to see the Board. I'm tired all the time. There are villages
burning in VietNam, I see them on the news, and he wants me to go there. Imagine the night spirits in a place like that. I broke a beer mug and ate the glass. It's a trick I know. The glass kills them but if you chew it right it doesn't hurt the real body at all. Things are changing here fast, all the time.
The government doesn't want us to get high; the system doesn't want us doing drugs. No, no, no. You think it's just Puritanical, we're not supposed to have a good time? How do you explain alcohol? You think they're worried about your health? Alcohol kills, man. Listen, the system is about maintaining itself. That's all it about. The system doesn't want you and me doing drugs: white, middle-class, educated workers. If we do drugs, and those drugs get us questioning the system--no, can't have that. Blacks, Native Americans, Minorities? You think it's an accident drugs and alcohol are so readily available in their neighborhoods? The man don't care about them and when he does care it's only to make sure they stay down, so, heroin, which totally fucks you up, they supply it to those neighborhoods. Alcohol, which incapacitates and kills? Liquor store on every corner. It's the system, my brother. System's about the system, and that's all.