Music is in the swirl that was then music it's steady beat it's accompaniment everything is about music there's rhythm in the cycles of the rock beat of the mystery of it's cosmic and pumping the heartbeat of .
Euripides played guitar. Everyone did. At least a few chords.
"Look at this, man! It's pigs and freaks everywhere!"

"A lot more freaks than pigs, man."

"Yeah but the pigs got guns."

"We got the real power here, man. Power to the people!"

"Right on!"

"Hell no! We won't go!"

"Don't get yourself too worked up, Euripides. We're not out of the van yet."

"Where's Euripides come from anyway?"

"Greece, asshole."

"You're a laugh riot."

"He's always reading Greek tragedies and we're all like Kerouac and Vonnegut."