After these years there was the convincing refutation of innocence. We said "Peace, Brother," when we met. We said the imperialist pigs. We said warmongers. Her skin under my hand an escape from history a descent into being an immersion where history begins.
Someone's parents' house parents gone as she beside a potted plant.
Outside the world roiled edacious noisy but that afternoon in a friend's parents' home it was just the four of us who were kids after all the posturing earlier in Washington DC soldiers lined the rooftops we chanted the smell of pepper gas wafting through the air later in a red Volkswagon van on the way home we picked up a hitchhiker who asked to be let out the smell of gas too intense his eyes tearing and we were kids again back in that living room.

"Stand beside that potted plant. Let me take a picture."

Of course you can't see her. I have no idea what I might have said how she might have answered. Just this black and white picture thirty years old.

What is my responsibility?

The flags are out again.

The soldiers are back.