Some days are better than others. Little by little. It's not all me though, the way they make it sound. Sometimes I'm not dreaming, the things I see. There's a cold that grips and feeds there's tingling all over when the skin's alive. There are nights something descends. It hovers and waits for me to move. It's not all in my mind.
My body shifts and leans, my heart speeds. There are energies in the night there are forces and they rush and scatter with the wind they travel fastest by moonlight, timeless things without bodies loyal to one master who comes and goes and when he's gone they sink back into the crevices into the dark places and only venture out on their own now and then when they're called by some echo of the master but when the real master comes they own the night and everything changes the whole world. This is war time. This is starvation. During the Black Plague a dozen people saw a dog walking upright carrying a
cross out of their village. After that the plague came. These are such times. Now.
Peace and love. When you cut through all the lies, that's what this life is about. That's why we're here. Peace and love.