Prophets are among the terribly blessed. They see, they know. Everyone else, we're all programmed to be blind. We're not supposed to see. It's like there's a curtain hanging over the world and we can't know what's behind it, or we're like movie projectors, we throw our own images out onto this screen and we all think
that's the world, except the prophets they can walk right around and see what's on the other side of the screen. They see through the curtain to the other side. That's what happened to me. I wasn't supposed to see, I'm not supposed to, but LSD messes with the projector it melts the curtain and then you see things you're not supposed to see, the world is not real. This is not the real world. We're only one dimension one kind of creature while the greater energies lurk and hover waiting for their master. I wish I hadn't ever seen. I wish I didn't know. Everything is invested with energy. Every grain of sand, every molecule of
water is capable of movement and change. All will rise up at the word of the master.
The earth is our mother. Drugs are natural. Man, if you'd been there! We had like five or six bonfires going from midnight to dawn and at least a couple of hundred drums. All night, man. All night, the fires and the drums, the crackling and this never-stopping, always changing rhythm. What a night to be high. It was like, unspeakably beautiful.