That afternoon she wore sandals, jeans, a simple white blouse. She wore a peace symbol around her neck on a strip of leather. She's very young. She thinks we might make a life together. There are years still before she gives up on me and we become a first real love, something she'll think back on tenderly.
Where is she now in my mind still as she then a young girl a young man feeling their way into the world and eventually everything will change and what’s left is each moment the way we remember it almost impossible maybe entirely impossible to get it accurate it’s gone and our memory is all there is. And, also, yes, there's the photographs.
As you held a lover and pulled him into you.

Flesh, Lone, Descent.

Who comes with you? Him? Don't make me laugh.

You reign. You Tower.

It's an effect as with storm light over a field of wheat the way it wavers in that growing wind.

Along tree bark under it sticky and wet.

Weather. Light.

We fall into you without hope without knowledge.