Getting high is about having sex too so like when some freak shows up with a bag of grass and a couple of tabs of acid and is all You want to get high, You want to groove, they're all like it's about getting high like it's a total political and spiritual act and it is it's cool but every chick with any brains knows it's about sex too and
at some point this guy's going to make a move on you which is also cool since all that old girl's-are-different, we-don't-really-care-about-sex is certifiable bullshit and everybody knows it now, but I'm just not into it with anybody but Euripides so I'm always turning down getting high by saying things like I'm meeting my old man, or I've got a date with my old man and mostly they get it though some times I've got to be rude. It's just true. Me and Ronnie. Once we were tripping and making love and wow this thing happened like I stepped out of my body. We were both really incredibly into it: I'm wrapped around him arms and legs and he's going so slow and deep driving me crazy and then just like wow I was in two
places at once. I was a shadow a kind of vibration moving through this harmonic field of vibrations and light and it was like Ronnie was the whole field the whole ocean of vibrations and I was moving through him but I was also moving through the cosmos by moving through him and he was also moving through me like I was a vehicle and we were sailing together through this cosmic membrane of vibrations that had a sound to it a hum and later when I told him he started to cry and he said he was in the same place and together we had entered the music of the spheres and now to do it with anybody else, for me, that's just--why would I want to? Me and Ronnie are special. The places we've been are special. I love him. I don't want anyone else.
Sex is cool. Sex is groovy. All the old, uptight cultural interdictions against sex they're all from another time rooted in an era of superstition a way for the church and the state to control the populace. It's all economic, man. It's about all of us functioning like cogs in the big machine of our economic system. If you buy into the establishment's order it's like walking into a Disney movie. Freaks are not interested. We've got to see through that toward new possibilities if the world's going to genuinely change and it is: this is an age of revolution. Believe it. And the sexual revolution is at the very core of change. Women are not property, man. You don't own a woman. No one owns anyone. Sexual freedom is an assertion of spiritual freedom which ultimately demands the kind of economic freedom that will destroy the repressive capitalist system that is Amerika.