It's always there for some of us, a pull, a tugging away from. Move on. Move away. Change. Here is not where you're meant to stay. It's okay for the moment but our future is somewhere else and we must move toward it. Keep moving. Keep pushing. That's the way it is for so many of us now and then. I think it's in our American air. Something to do with our ancestors, the travelers, the one's who moved on, who
moved here. But then, those years, we talked of being one with the universe, of finding peace. We sat in lotus position. We meditated. We talked ceaselessly of going back to nature. We formed communes. We lived in caves, on beaches, in shanties by the river. We didn't need the modern world, with its endless wars, its oppression and repression. We had each other and together we would remake the world.
By the future we are pulled from our past. By our notion of what the future should be. By our dreams. Euripides the young man had a dream of his future and in that vision he was accompanied by a beautiful woman. He didn't know what she looked like. She was a concept. Beauty. Intelligence. Wit. Charm. But most of all beauty. That was his dream of himself in the future, that he would be with that woman, that she would be his companion. In the real moment, in that actual time, c. 1967-1968, he was with Jessie, who loved him and whom he loved in return--but when he saw C he saw the future, or it saw him through C, and he moved on.