In our tawdry rooms on the road in boxcars like hobos our heroes were the outlaws and not the establishment we'd say the establishment by which we meant the bad guys the guys in suits who lived in expensive houses they were the string-pullers and the middle-class the suburban there wasn't much
lower than that though 0f course that's where we almost all came from our parents putting us through college paying the bills and we'd go home for the holidays in our long hair and rags where they'd look at us with disbelief but love as if they understood something about us which they didn't they only thought they did what did they what could they know the over-thirty the suburban bourgeois the bourgeois the bourgeoisie we were the vanguard of a new order in a world that was changing we were rainbow coalition we were children's crusade no more war no more oppression they'd look at us with love since we were their children and the times were changing
and we couldn't accept the deadening roles in the dead corporate culture of Amerika we were artists we could all be artists and in time the pigs would fade away and all the old thinking which was responsible for war would fade away and the new age would arrive the universal age of love.
We lived in cheap rooms our parents paid the rent or we worked crazy jobs or sold drugs. The world is changing. All the old rules are useless. The capitalist economic system oppresses the poor represses love and generosity defiles the cosmic spirit of brotherhood of sisterhood we're rising up in a new age of love and universal peace no more war we're casting off the oppressor embracing the cast outs we'll all be outlaws there will be no more laws in the coming universal age of love.

In the coming universal age of love.

In the coming



Of love.