In her mind at this moment the playfulness of posing nude and love we were in love but also in her mind VietNam and Hanoi and the murderous exchange. We were just back from DC where we stood in the streets under rooftops lined with soldiers. This is what we thought the world should be about. Love. Peace. Us.
We were young. We believed.
What is the link between this moment and now? This moment happened passed in time this click of a shutter lens I can actually remember the camera it was a Yashica D, though I'm probably spelling it wrong. That's what it sounded like: Yashica D. I looked down into the viewfinder and snapped this picture more than thirty years ago. I can't tell you when precisely. I can't remember. I remember the woman standing next to the potted plant. Could you tell there was a woman standing next to a potted plant? I'm sure of it not because I remember the moment. I don't. I can figure out where we must have been. I have a summary memory of the afternoon. The details are all gone. But it was c. 1967-1968, of that I'm sure. VietNam raged. We were hippies. We liked to call ourselves hippies.