There are so many selves, one self, another self, another. I think the choices we make, they're a matter of stepping into one self or another. Sometimes I can imagine it as if there are always a variety of selves floating all around us, wherever we go, and each one of those selves wants us to invest it with life. I may be getting a little confusing here, but at least I know what I mean. (She laughs at herself, and
gives him one of her cute, mischievously intelligent smiles.) Like what you just said about puppets, maybe that's true, but maybe it's also about choices. Maybe there's nobody pulling our strings, but it's just us, making our choices, deciding who we're going to be. (She leans close and kisses him. He embraces her. She returns the embrace. They quit talking. They fall out of language, out of word.)
Everything we do, it's only the extrapolation of what we believe. And where do our beliefs come from? What is the source of our beliefs? You see what I'm saying? It's all the system. We're like puppets! We're marionettes and the man pulls the strings. It's like so intense when you think about it. Here we are alone, you and me, and we're feeling something, and there's, like, the natural impulse, but we like, we can't follow it because the man's right here with us (he gestures, moving his fingers like a puppeteer).