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December 17, 2000



B7 is coming shortly.

A candidate build is in testing and will probably by released in a few days. It adds graphic links, a path map, and a variety of small fixes.




Sculptural hypertext: Storyspace has come, over the years, to define a kind of classical hypertext: nodes, maps, montage, and dynamic links. Storyspace makes linking easy -- as easy as drawing a line -- so writers aren't reluctant to link.

As we approach this Storyspace milestone, it's interesting to ponder radically different approaches. Storyspace starts with no links and tries to make linking natural and easy: it's a painterly approach. What about a system that started with everything linked together, and that made it easy to remove links? That would be a scultpural approach: finding the hypertext buried in the stone.




We're building a family of exciting new hypertext systems. You're welcome to watch. As at any construction site, some of the things going on here may seem incomprehensible. You can contact us at info@eastgate.com and find out more about what's going on at Eastgate.com and Storyspace.net.





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