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velocity: extra innings stability: remarkable climate: exhaustion, euphoria

attitude: champagne and chocolate

January 24, 2001






download it here

The peekhole will be quiet for a week or two, while we rest, recuperate, and get started with Ceres, a new hypertext tool for making, analyzing, and publishing notes.


An evolutionary biologist from Barcelona writes:

I love Storyspace 2! This is the app I'd take with me to a desert island."



Ship it!

505 days from Proposal.
236 new classes.
42 internal releases.
277 manual pages.
329 days from Project Start.
491 beta test reports.
3 slips: one quarter, one month, one week.
4 tired but happy Eastgate developers.


People have been lining up at the doors (and crowding the server) for Storyspace 2 upgrade. The pent-up demand for this new Macintosh software among current users is remarkable.

Feb 17: several press announcements of the new Storyspace push Eastgate's Web traffic to record levels.



We're building a family of exciting new hypertext systems. You're welcome to watch. As at any construction site, some of the things going on here may seem incomprehensible. You can contact us at info@eastgate.com and find out more about what's going on at Eastgate.com and Storyspace.net.





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