Marble Springs

A Map of the Town of Marble Springs

Crystal River | House 1/Zandra Miller | Carlton Ave | Settler's Creek | Redding Ave | Gold Hill | House 2/Doc Nancy | House 3/Millie Horner | Graveyard | Marble Edifice/ Church and Ladies Aid | White Owl Saloon | Small House 1/Billie Rose Cattering | Small House 2/Bridget O'Shanty | House 4/Emmy Mateson

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Marble Springs:
The houses here reflect the memories of those who lived here.

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Crystal River:
Mariam used to go wading here.
Carlton Ave:
The Coles owned most of the buildings on this street.
Settler's Creek:
Marble Springs gets its water from Crystal River, since Alvina hexed Settler's Creek after Susannah passed her here without speaking once.
Redding Ave:
Edna Harris kept a sharp eye on the doings on this avenue.
Gold Hill:
Old Joe's burros ate the Cole's prize tea roses here.

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