This is Tinderbox Cookbook version 2.0.1, created in conjunction with Tinderbox 7.3.2. The locale settings used to export this document: en-US. Most date tests were written/tested on a UK day/month order system and thus tests may fail if exported using different locale settings.

This page collects Cookbook experiments that don’t work as expected. Often, these will be simple blunders, typos, or misunderstandings. At other times, they will reflect bugs or disparities between the program and the documentation, or simply examples that need to be better explained or extended.

Deprecation. Some codes are now marked 'deprecated'. This means that while they may still work, such syntax should be avoided. New documents should not use such syntax and existing documents in regular use should be have their code reviewed to avoid retaining deprecated usage.

escaping forward slashes

description try expect result ok
"a"+"/b" a/b a/b not yet

UserString is "/a"

$UserString+"/b/" /a/b/ /a/b/ not yet