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Message started by Willem Smelik on Sep 10th, 2007, 10:17pm

Title: font / windows
Post by Willem Smelik on Sep 10th, 2007, 10:17pm

I have two minor questions.

1. Tb can display the Seria Pro font, but even when it is selected, it defaults to another font. I do not understand that behaviour (it's a Unicode font). It means that I have to change the font constantly if I want to use it. It also has odd boxes.

2. Sometimes the display is slightly faulty, as in the attached picture. It shows in the left side window the last pixels of what appear to be a text window. It looks ugly, otherwise it's a minor problem. However, it does not always occur. Is this a known problem?

Title: Re: font / windows
Post by Mark Anderson on Sep 11th, 2007, 4:40am

If you select text and apply a new font - such as Seria Pro - via the Fonts palette then that should work. If the problem is that you want a note to use Seria Pro as the default for all notes, then set it as the Preferences/Text/Font.  Inheritance is:
  • Tinderbox Preferences/Text/Font
  • Document Preferences/Text/Font
  • Prototype's TextFont if any prototype set
  • TextFont

Something I've tripped up on in the past is that setting any of the above is not retrospective. Thus if the app default for text is Lucida Grande (and for this example assume that's inherited down to a new note), when you create a new note, Lucida Grande is stored as the text font in the TBX's XML source. If you look at TBX source you'll see each paragraph of text has an explicit declaration of the font used, even if only the default font it used. If you now change the default font (for an existing note) anywhere in the inheritance chain or at note level it has no effect on pre-existing notes as the 'default' font for that note is effectively hard-wired.

I've discovered the only way to fix 'wrongly' existing note fonts is to use BBEdit (or such) and edit the stored font names. If you don't know how to edit XML you're stuck - other than manually selecting each section of 'wrong' text and setting the desired font**.

The moral of the story here is set your TBX's default font (via Doc Prefs) before making your first note.

I have (elsewhere) made a feature request that TBX/s not store the font name for default text sections but instead use a placeholder (or no stored value at all) that can then replaced by a stored doc-wide value for the current default text font; non-default font names would continue to be stored in the existing ways.  Though I can see a few unexpected consequences of the latter in heavily formatted notes I nonetheless think such behaviour would be closer to the suers expectation of font mark-up. However, I've no idea of how hard that may be for Eastgate to implement.

** I don't know if this pre-dates the change to use of the OS Font palette, but an unexpected side effect of setting a new font on a selection of note body text is that all other formatting (bold/italic) is lost. If just trying to fix the 'default' font, editing the XML source is far safer.

Title: Re: font / windows
Post by Mark Anderson on Sep 11th, 2007, 4:47am

I've certainly seen the 'corruption' issue you describe, but very infrequently.  It appears to be caused because the re-draw of a window/rectangle is several pixel(s) out from the required area.

If the effect is an annoyance to current work, something that redraws the whole window - like minimising/maximising the window - should sort it out.

I've not spotted a common scenario that causes the problem but if you can do so, it's worth reporting directly into Eastgate tech support so they can check that configuration for re-draw issues.

Title: Re: font / windows
Post by Willem Smelik on Sep 16th, 2007, 10:51am

Hi, thanks for the reply. I just wanted to mention the re-draw of a window, but it's not a major issue for me at all. If I used Tb for serious writing, it would be, but I'm using it for organizing notes, and analysis etc.

Thanks also for the description of font inheritance - this is useful to me. It still does not explain the odd boxes, but I can easily live without this font, which is not ideal as a screen font anyway. It's an OpenType font, btw.

Title: Re: font / windows
Post by Mark Anderson on Sep 17th, 2007, 4:28am

The boxes are probably because the font may (I don't have it to try) not support a full range of characters that you need, such as accents, symbols, etc.  Quite often a 'missing' font character is represented as an empty box.

Fonts, despite labels link 'OPenType', 'TrueType', etc., can be far less portable than we users assume. If very important to use this particular font you might need to resolve the issue directly with Eastgate support as they'd likely need to see/use a copy of the font.

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