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Message started by Pablo Aslan on Mar 4th, 2009, 10:15am

Title: Book on Tango history
Post by Pablo Aslan on Mar 4th, 2009, 10:15am

I am reading through this forum and becoming more and more intimidated. So before I give up I want to ask my very newbie questions so that I can try to move on with my work. I don't know anything about all the other programs everybody around here seems to be conversant about, and I am hoping that a time investment into TB is worth time away from my research without having to also learn other writing or bibliographic software.

I am writing a history of tango music. My sources are books, recordings, clippings, sheet music and interviews.

One of the things I need to do is to compile biographical information on the musicians I am studying, and compare sources, since this is a very Wild West academic subject right now (my book would be the Sherrif!). So I want to create a bibliography that can spin out notes from each book, and then be able to compare facts from each source until I am able to put together a fairly accurate chronology. Is this simply done by creating a parent note for each book, then a prototype for each citation which becomes a child? And then to compare notes from different books I use an agent to pull keywords together?

Along the way I will reference the actual recordings by these musicians, and make technical comments. The ideal setup would have a button where I can play an audio file (probably not an entire song, but clips, which i can create in audio software). I understand that this can be done inside a note, but here again, I need to understand how to input the discography, so that all references are linked to it.

I envision being able to pull information from my work in progress to create papers and web based writing, illustrated with scores (jpg or pdf) and music (mp3 or streaming format). I intuit that TB can help me do this.

I am hoping some of you will help me with this elementary hand holding. I am not afraid of doing my homework, but I am not quite sure where to start.


Title: Re: Book on Tango history
Post by Mark Anderson on Mar 4th, 2009, 11:29am

Don't give up!  What you ask certainly sounds possible. The complexity you see in the forums is just people trying to squeeze customisation into their projects to meet their workflow.  The trick is to start simply. Get together a set of representational data, put it in to TB, play aobut with structure and thet way you can test what prototypes your project needs. Then it's much easier to do the otherwise hard task for building a well pre-configured Tinderbox document without any data in it.

Attach a music file to a note? simple, drag the file onto the 'File' button in the left side bar of the note. To play, click the button, click 'Open [filename]' from the pop-up menu.  Want to reference more than one file from the button.  Place the files together in a folder and drop the folder onto the File button. Now, the 'open' opens the folder from which you can double-click the music track of choice. Or, consider using another note for each additional track - it all depends on what feels best for you.

Buried in my in-tray now but I'll try and answer some of the broader points later if non-one else stops by.

Title: Re: Book on Tango history
Post by Mark Anderson on Mar 4th, 2009, 11:57am

To make files auto-play on a single button press (kudos Mark B for idea) don't use the file button but use the URL button and a file:/// user, e.g. file:///Users/mwra/Desktop/atune.mp3 is a fole on my desktop.

For an extra credit, want to make the tune play if you open the note?  Do the above and set that notes ViewInBrowser to 'true' (ticked).

Title: Re: Book on Tango history
Post by Johnnie Wilcox - mistersquid on Mar 4th, 2009, 2:15pm

Pablo, I think you're on the right track with Tinderbox and agree that you should start simply and add detail and complexity as you come to understand more about your project and more about Tinderbox.

While you should also explore other softwares that can help you do what you want, Tinderbox is an unparalleled tool for gathering data and revealing relationships between that data. I couldn't do my work without it.

Mark A.'s reply about the URL field broaches a topic I've been researching these past few days. Talk about synchronicity.

In particular, I recently whipped up an AppleScript that takes any selected file/folder in the Finder and places on the clipboard a string which can be used as a URL in a Tinderbox document. I invoke the AppleScript using a keyboard shortcut enabled by keyboard shortcut software.

on run
     choose from list {"file://", "http://"}
           default items {"file://"} with title "URL from Finder Selection" with prompt "Choose URL scheme:" without multiple selections allowed
     set URLScheme to result
     tell application "Finder"
           set the clipboard to POSIX path of (the selection as alias)
     end tell

      (* The following subroutine calls replace special characters allowable in Finder into HTML entities which can be used by web browsers and Tinderbox *)

     replace("%", "%25")
     replace(" ", "%20")
     replace("\"", "%22")
     replace("#", "%23")
     replace(":", "%3A")
     replace(";", "%3B")
     replace("<", "%3C")
     replace(">", "%3E")
     replace("?", "%3F")
     replace("[", "%5B")
     replace("\\", "%5C")
     replace("]", "%5D")
     replace("^", "%5E")
     replace("`", "%60")
     replace("{", "%7B")
     replace("|", "%7C")
     replace("}", "%7D")
     set the clipboard to (URLScheme as text) & "localhost" & string of (the clipboard as record)
end run

on replace(searchTerm, replacement)
     set workingString to the clipboard as text
     set oldDelims to AppleScript's text item delimiters
     set AppleScript's text item delimiters to searchTerm
     set workingString to text items of workingString
     set AppleScript's text item delimiters to replacement
     set workingString to text items of workingString as text
     set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the oldDelims
     set the clipboard to workingString as text
end replace

I'd like to use such notes--which have URLs and whose "ViewInBrowser" attribute is true--as "launchers" from within Tinderbox, hence my recent feature request to disable text windows.

Title: Re: Book on Tango history
Post by Pablo Aslan on Mar 4th, 2009, 3:45pm

Thanks for the words of encouragement (insert favorite smiley here)

That's a great bite-size suggestion from Mark, about creating a set of representational data. In my case perhaps one musician's bio/compositions/recordings will give me a model of how to treat everybody else.

I was able to place an audio file the way you indicated. It opens in iTunes and starts playing. Brilliant. However, the folder option you mention opens a folder, which is not as good for my immediate purposes but could have other utilities. So one note per song seems to be the way to go. I can link to that note from the body of another note, correct? SO that in the biographical text I can refer to a song or fragment and on a certain action (click?) have it play. I believe that is what you mean, Mark when you write "want to make the tune play if you open the note?  Do the above and set that notes ViewInBrowser to 'true' (ticked)." I'll try that once I understand what you are talking about. But I can see the light!

And Johnnie, if I understand correctly, you are almost using TB as a Finder and you have written a script to help you automate the process of creating a URL for each file you want to launch.  I can see how it can be very useful to navigate my files from within TB. However, I am not understanding how to enter this URL info into the note.

Again, thanks for your help. Keep it coming (insert another smiley).


Title: Re: Book on Tango history
Post by Mark Anderson on Mar 4th, 2009, 6:38pm

Johnnie's script puts a string of text onto the Mac clipboard from which you can paste it into the URL attribute of your note.  This approach is needed as you can't edit Tinderbox directly via AppleScript.

Title: Re: Book on Tango history
Post by Johnnie Wilcox - mistersquid on Mar 25th, 2009, 12:42am

As an update, Pablo, I've built a small utility that will greatly simplify the process of importing files into Tinderbox. You can find more information here.

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