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Message started by Jack Baty on Mar 17th, 2009, 8:50pm

Title: Web site using Tinderbox - note organization
Post by Jack Baty on Mar 17th, 2009, 8:50pm

Any thoughts on note organization and "permalinks" when creating web sites using Tinderbox?

I'd like to be able to reorganize things occasionally without breaking incoming links if possible. The site I'm creating is not exactly a blog, but certainly resembles one. Each article is it's own page. An example URL would be /Topics/Photograpy/MyNote.html. Trouble is, I may someday move it to a different /Topic or change the topic name entirely, breaking things, which is bad.

Best thing I can come up with is to create date or id-based agents and publish aliases too. That would mean that the note would be found at both /Topics/Photograpy/MyNote.html and something like /Archives/2009/March/MyNote.html (as the permalink)

Title: Re: Web site using Tinderbox - note organization
Post by Johnnie Wilcox - mistersquid on Mar 17th, 2009, 11:24pm

Keep your original notes in a repository. Make aliases of those notes you'd like to publish and place the aliases in a note/directory structure that reflects how you want them to appear on the website.

Now, you can simply leave behind those aliases and the directory structure without breaking links. When you want the note to exist in a different location, make another alias and put that alias where you want it.

Not breaking incoming links means that you will not remove the item once it's been exported. Either that or when you move/delete the exported HTML set up a redirect on your webserver.

Title: Re: Web site using Tinderbox - note organization
Post by Mark Anderson on Mar 18th, 2009, 5:32am

By not using includes you've avoided another potential problem with linkages.  There is no current mechanism to create anchors for inbound links to pages included as part of another; outbound links from included (embedded) pages do work as expected.

So if using includes, you might consider exporting the included contents in their own right so as to allow inbound links. Also, if your style of preparation leads to to using several notes that are aggregated to a single page for export - e.g. many note on a topic but one exported topic page - consider adopting a strategy of using a container per topic and making inbound links to the container (i.e. the page containing the includes) rather than the precise note to which you'd link for TB purposes alone. This raises the issue that if writing in TB primarily for web export - i.e. create in TB, read in a browser - then consider your link policy in terms of the output HTML. I took a few false turns with early versions of aTbRef before I figured the constraints. By 'constraints', I'm not being harsh as if you pause to consider the on-publish computation task with a page with multiple recursive includes and trying to make anchors and reflect those back to the originating note link it's a big task.

TB, since around v4.0 has exported - or allowed for the export of - aliases as notes in their own right, i.e. they're aliases in TB but are separate pages once exported.  This helps where you wish the same content in several places, q.v. aTbRef listing all system attributes, and by group and by type such that each attribute's note is exported 3 times - original and 2 aliases. However, the aliases reflect their location in the source doc for things like computing ancestors (for cookie-crumb nav links, etc.).

Bottom line. If creating content which will primarily be read in exported form (HTML< XML, etc.) then do take a little while to investigate the issues of includes vs inbound links. What you do will depend on your needs - there's no one single answer.

Title: Re: Web site using Tinderbox - note organization
Post by Jack Baty on Mar 18th, 2009, 8:36am

Thanks for the feedback. There are certainly some tricky situations to deal with when using a Tinderbox document primarily for web export. I'm trying to only use includes for global bits and pieces so I don't expect inbound links to be affected by them.

It seems like the safest thing to do is to use agents and aliases for the content I'm exporting. That way I can reorganize the original notes without messing too much with inbound links. Still need to figure out a good way to do that.

In case anyone is interested, the site I'm referring to is my personal site: http://jackbaty.com/. I used the "journalist" Wordpress template as a starting point. I've decided not to try importing 9 years of old posts so I'm just copying a few that I like over one at a time. Some times it's fun to just start over, and since I do all of my writing in Tinderbox, this should work out quite well.

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