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Message started by Gowan Clews on May 16th, 2010, 4:32am

Title: London weekend: Tiger scones
Post by Gowan Clews on May 16th, 2010, 4:32am

Here's the recipe for Tiger scones that were enjoyed at the recent London weekend. Plus other recipes.

The normal ratio when making scones is 1:4. That is 1 ounce of butter/margarine to 4 ounces of self-raising flour. Also 1 ounce of sugar and 1 ounce dried fruit/whatever.

I go for a 1:3 ratio, and use butter. The added ingredients (fruit) is about 1:2 ratio. I use fruit sugar and don't add much. Spices are added in quite large amounts. And I always add ground almonds.

So here's the base recipe.

12 ounces self-raising flour (I use light brown SR)
4 ounces butter (I use Rachel's organic)
100 grams ground almonds
2-3 ounces fruit sugar
generous shake of mixed spice/cinnamon

Rub butter into flour. Helps if butter is soft. Add almonds and rub in. Stir in sugar and spices. If you are using white flour, the amount of spice should colour the mixture brown!

I don't measure the ingredients any more, just do it by sight. So no 2 scone mixtures are the same!

Buy 2 cans of mandarin orange slices in unsweetened fruit juice (not in syrup). Drain both cans.

Add a generous amount of ground ginger to flour mixture and stir in. Add 1 can of drained mandarin pieces to mixture and stir in; the mandarin will mostly break up.

Add chocolate mini pieces (I use Cadburys) and stir in.

Take 1 can of drained fruit juice, add a generous amount of orange oil (to boost mandarin flavour) and optionally vanilla extract.

Then add fruit juice mixture to flour, few spoonfuls at a time, till the mixture is firm. Stir with a knife. Then cook (see below).

Wash and cut rhubarb (about 4-5 sticks). Wash and cut a braeburn apple into pieces (eg cut slices into 3), leaving skin on. Boil rhubarb and apple in a small amount of apple juice (I use Copella) and a splash of Stones ginger wine. No added sugar. Also add sultanas. large ones are best. Cook till rhubarb cooked and liquid reduced.

When cooked rhubarb releases lots of water so don't need much apple juice.

Add ground ginger to flour mixture, stir well in. Then add rhubarb mixture to flour, few spoonfuls at a time, till the mixture is firm. Stir with a knife, Then cook (see below).

PEASH SCONES (peaches with schnapps)
Buy peaches in fruit juice. I use "Fridge fruit". Drain fruit juice, then pour in Schnapps. Seal jar and leave for several days, topping up as needed. Can add (large) sultanas.

Can simmer peaches/sultanas in schnapps, helps infuse fruit with alcohol.

Add peach mixture to flour mixture, as above. Stir in with a knife, cutting the peaches so they are right size for a scone. Then cook.

Buy pitted (stoneless) cherries; dried, frozen or whatever. Preferably not in sugared water. Soak cherries for several days in Kirsch, topping up as needed.

Drain cherries (keeping Kirsch)
250g of cottage cheese, add cherries and mix.
Add to flour mixture and stir.
Add chocolate mini pieces (I use Cadburys) and stir in
Use some kirsch and small amount of milk if more moisture needed.

My gas oven has been broken for a long time. The thermostat doesn't work so the oven is always on maximum heat!

So, coat hands in flour, make small balls of scone mixture, roll scones in flour and put on baking tray lined with foil.

With the TIGER scones, make the ball, use your fingers to push a hole, insert a piece of mandarin, cover with piece of chocolate, then close the hole. Then roll in flour; the scone, not you!! Use this technique for putting things inside scones such as baby pickled onions, chocolate, walnuts, prawns etc etc, though not all at the same time!

With the BFG scones, make the ball, use your finger to push a hole, insert a piece of marzipan, then close the hole. Then roll in flour.

Put tray in oven for about 5-10 minutes, checking regularly. When scones start to turn brown, take tray out and leave to cool for a few minutes. Then turn scones over and return tray to oven. Only needs a few more minutes, again check for them turning brown.


Take tray out, leave for a few minutes, then carefully put scones onto a wire-tray to cool.

The scones, both sweet and savoury, benefit from being very slightly warmed before eating. Watch out for hot chocolate though.


Title: Re: London weekend: Tiger scones
Post by Mark Bernstein on May 16th, 2010, 7:08am

Those TIGER scones were absolutely delicious!  Many thanks!

Can't wait to try some more of these as well.

Title: Re: London weekend: Tiger scones
Post by Gowan Clews on Aug 31st, 2011, 6:36pm


based on Y Lee's boiled cake (http://blog.lemonpi.net/?p=89)

150g butter
600g large sultanas/jumbo raisins (I use Vine fruit mix from Waitrose)
100g Muscovado/dark brown unrefined sugar
At least 2 tsp of ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
About 100ml fresh fruit juice
2 eggs, well beaten
About 300g self-raising brown flour
100g ground almonds
Fresh fruit (drained), eg mango slices, pineapple chunks, mandarin segments (remove pips)
100g milk cooking chocolate
100g white cooking chocolate
Gran Barquero sweet dessert wine or Malibu Rum

Heat oven to 180C

Combine butter, sultanas, sugar, spices, bicarbonate of soda and fruit juice in a saucepan. Bring to boil, stirring, then leave to cool. Add a few ice cubes to speed cooling!

Wait till cool; if you add eggs too early they will scramble!

Add eggs and beat well. Gradually stir in flour, and also ground almonds, beating well, till mixture "looks OK"; you may not need all the flour. If too stiff add a dash of fruit juice.

Pour half mixture into buttered cake tin of 22cm diameter; I line cake tin with baking parchment.

Add layer of fresh fruit, or chocolate pieces, or one layer of each!

Add rest of cake mixture, making sure fruit/chocolate layers are fully covered.

Bake for 55 minutes.

Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly before removing from tin. Then put into an airtight container. Before sealing container, pour a generous amount of Gran Barquero or Malibu Rum (or both!) all over the cake. Seal container and leave overnight. Optionally add a bit more alcohol in the morning, especially round the edges. Seal for a day or two.

Beware of naked flames when opening tin! Share and enjoy.


Title: Re: London weekend: Tiger scones
Post by Mark Bernstein on Aug 31st, 2011, 6:58pm

Oho!  Now that sounds inviting.

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