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Message started by Ted Goranson on Mar 16th, 2012, 1:19pm

Title: Import from Scrivener (and others)
Post by Ted Goranson on Mar 16th, 2012, 1:19pm

This is a placeholder; I intend to come back with a more developed request, possibly in a few months.

My use of TBx is for two purposes that push the design goals. One is to build a heavily linked collection of narratives as a research project. The other prompts this request: using TBx as a publishing system for these highly structured ‘documents.’

For this, I find myself using TBx and an external writing tool in reverse order to most users it seems. Many users exploit TBx’s tools to help capture notes, allow then to aggregate coherence, then export them to a more conventional production tool like Scrivener, from whence the ideas find their way to utility.

My use pattern is to create large chunks in an external editor, currently BBedit (and BBedit projects), and import them into TBx manually. That means that I do an extraordinary about of ‘fixing,’ before I get to the main value of TBx for me which is in the linking. It can take a couple hours just to fix mundane things like italics and bolding, external links and assigning child notes. Moving some in-line annotations to attributes.

I have developed my own markup language to help me see in my plain text files what goes where.

What I would like to see is an API of some sort that imports external markup and creates the desired effect. TBx already does this very handily with bullet lists. All I have to do is mark with an asterisk or two and voila, it works!

I’m working in BBedit, as I said. I’ve been looking at Scrivener. I could make it work, I think, if you wanted to just focus on one application. But Ulysses seems much more along the lines of what would support my work style. However, their version 2.1 is EOL’d as they start fresh for a version 3 that is supposed be different in some fundamental ways. The idea with Ulysses is that you can design your own markup language and export much more flexibly than with Scrivener.

I’ll be back in a few months on this.

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