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Message started by Mark Anderson on Mar 30th, 2012, 9:59am

Title: aTbRef - 'similar notes' listing added
Post by Mark Anderson on Mar 30th, 2012, 9:59am

Experimental refresh today. All content notes have, beneath their $Text output, a list of (up to) 10 possible similar notes - via ^similarTo^. It's gone surprisingly well, though unsurprisingly the time to export has gone up a fair bit as the app has to do the 'similarTo' query for each of 2,300+ HTML pages it is creating.

Anyway, I'm posting here in the hopes regular uses of aTbRef can give me some feedback - here or directly - on whether this addition helps at all.

So far, I've only found two glitches. The first is what appears to be an incomplete list (on a page I now can't find!) - likely an authoring mistake (user error). Secondly, some notes link to exporting pages that do utility tasks like making the zip of the TBX and thus don't create and HTML page. Not too many of the latter (and I doubt few others use that hack) and so perhaps bearable if the links actually help in discovering content.

Trying to increase hyperlinking (in a meaningful way) within the document butts up against TB not allowing links to included pages (i.e. links to HTML anchors). This means any link target must be a discrete exported note/page and thus pushes the author towards very short-form writing - small notes. TB has no problem with the latter but very short notes sometimes preclude getting enough of the topic in a note. Aggregate the notes into a single page and notes linking to them don't export their links. Interesting dilemma.

Comment on this new addition to the aTbRef HTML pages is welcomed.


Wondering how it's done? The templates in question (3 of them, IIRC) have this code added:

<p>Possible relevant notes (via "Similar to" feature):</p>

Initially, I put the code in a boilerplate note and used an include but then realised the export code was evaluating 'this' in the context of the note storing the code and not the page being exported. So the code's now in the templates.

Title: Re: aTbRef - 'similar notes' listing added
Post by Mark Anderson on Apr 11th, 2012, 4:51am

Seems no one's tried this, which is a shame. As I investigate these new links more I'm finding it helpful for exploring the 3 main listings (Attributes, action codes, export codes) and designators - which should aid learners.

Though the overall export is slower (for reasons stated above) than the speed I'd got used to before adding these links I think the result makes it worthwhile. FWIW, I don't think listing fewer matches per page affects speed of output as the work is in TB having to run the Similar Words query for each page it exports regardless of the number of results it then adds to the exported page.

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