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Message started by steve harf on Apr 23rd, 2012, 2:21pm

Title: Find Window Results
Post by steve harf on Apr 23rd, 2012, 2:21pm

My notes do not have unique names. Sometimes when I do a "Find" I am not sure which of the listed notes is the one I want. This means opening each candidate note (or "Get Info" or "Inspector" windows) to check which is the "right" note.

A suggestion:

A popup menu on the search window (below the find results, perhaps) with all attribute names listed in the popup menu. Once an attribute name is selected, the window displays the value of the attribute next to the popup menu for the selected note in the find window. Changing the selection in find results then displays the value of the attribute for the selected note. I tend to be interested in the $Container of the note, so I would like this to be the default attribute to be displayed. (Note: you can get a similar effect with the Find and Inspector windows open. Selecting a different note in the find results causes the Inspector window to display the attribute values of the newly selected note. This is a great feature, but not as convenient as having the attribute information in the Find window. The Find window serves a different function.)

Title: Re: Find Window Results
Post by Christian Zwieb on Apr 24th, 2012, 9:36am

Listing the notes from new to old would help me quite a bit to find quickly most of the notes I want.

See http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/forum//YaBB.pl?num=1244741033



Title: Re: Find Window Results
Post by Mark Anderson on Apr 24th, 2012, 10:32am

A problem is every extra switch thrown into a window like find, that's trying to be fast/simple, is that it gets more complex for the new/occasional user and potentially there may be performance issues.

ISTM that this suggestion, whose general point I actually like, and some similar ones (like [urlhttp://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/forum//YaBB.pl?num=1244741033]here[/url]) might be answered if it were easier to roll-your own stand-alone agent (window). You can sort of do this - the bottom left window below is like a form of Find - and as long as I don't close it it lives along in the doc:

I'd love to see the bottom window combined with the agent's rename in a view - and advanced find if you will. Because of the customisations some may want (e.g. complex queries) I suspect that unlike Find the dialog should have an on/off switch. This allows you to have a possibly complex and performance-affecting query always defined but only 'on' - i.e. running the query - when you need it. This latter doesn't affect small docs but is the sort of thing to start allowing for in bigger docs (and on a low-end CPU). For the passing reader, I'm not suggesting Find is slow, but simply that as you amount of data builds a bit more care in TBX construction can be helpful.

In my grab above, I've shown Outline columns as now my 'found' items have data instantly editable. I could see an alternative in a key attributes panel, defined in the agent/setting but populated by the currently selected alias in the list [sic]. I can see some people wanting a map display for the list rather than an Outline (thinking of this) but perhaps that's even more of a reach.

Whatever, I think retaining a simply Find  - such as the status quo - is good but perhaps we need a form of 'advanced' Find too hat offers both more configuration of the query/sort and what's displayed (and editable via the display).

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