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Message started by Jessica Abel on Jan 3rd, 2013, 10:45am

Title: Getting started with Tinderbox Tutorials
Post by Jessica Abel on Jan 3rd, 2013, 10:45am

It may be that this is a dumb question, but I'm just dipping my toe in Tinderbox and am puzzled.

I bought the package deal as a Scrivener user, so have the two tutorial downloads, but I don't quite know what to do with them. Are they simply a collection of example Tinderbox documents? When you look at the "tutorial" included in the software, it's what one expects: a little walk through of basic concepts. You open the tutorial files, and you've got a giant wad of files, no obvious way through. I do see the "what's in here" file, but, again, it seems to list primarily a number of examples, rather than step-by-step tutorials.

Looking into tutorial 2, there's a lot more that's obvious in there: screencasts, a book. but are these intended to be higher-level, or simply more?


Title: Re: Getting started with Tinderbox Tutorials
Post by Mark Anderson on Jan 3rd, 2013, 3:06pm

The second 'CD' is more recent and so there's some overlap but as time has gone by some files also show newer features not available before. If I have the CD #2's content correct:
  • aTbRef. Has the-then current source TBX of my comprehensive 'aTbRef' resource; The TBx includes all the templates used to make the HTML version online. The current updated version is always online here and the site also has a link to download the current TBX. This folder also includes a single-site browser for viewing the HTML aTbRef as a standalone 'app'.
  • Extras.
    • Color palettes. A number of TB colour schemes (what's a colour scheme?).
    • Example files. A grab-bag of various YBX files. a few are annotated, the others are just examples.
    • TbxWay 2nd Edition. the second edition of Mark Bernstein's "A Tinderbox Way" book in PDF and epub form.
    • Tutorial workbook. This has a series of TB tutorial talks, laid out in Map view. The Export folder shows further examples relating to getting started with TB export.
  • Latest_Versions. Versions of Storyspace, Tinderbox, and Twig current when the CD was made (I'm not sure if the DMG download has these updated for latest releases).
  • TB_Demos. My personal 'demo bank' - a mix of worked examples and exemplar files for a variety of uses. Read the "Demo-Index.tbx" file first - it too is a demo as when customised for your system, it acts a a live index to all the other assets.
  • Tbx_Cookbook. The TB cookbook - the current version is always online here.
  • Tutorial_Screencasts. A series of tutorial movies
As the CDs aren't publicly available, you might be better asking any more detailed question on the content directly of Eastgate.

As well as all the above, I have some more TB worked tutorials here.

Tinderbox is a very wide tool. It simply doesn't lend itself to a linear A-Z exposition. Pretty much every menu & feature is documented in aTbRef. Most demos, apart from the screencast movies, are showing solutions to a particular task or problem. Also bear in mind that TB is constantly being improved including in minor releases, so problems of yesteryear may now be fixed in current version. aTbRef was written for a v5.0.0 baseline and flags up per-release changes since then.

If there is a particular topic or aspect of the programme you wish to understand, do say as it may be there are some specific things that you might want to look at before others.

Title: Re: Getting started with Tinderbox Tutorials
Post by russ lipton on Jan 4th, 2013, 3:53pm

Another question might be, "what did you obtain Tinderbox to (try to) achieve? Is it something that has been awkward to do in Scrivener?"

Folks will help point you to resources in numerous ways with less waste of your time if you are able to be specific. And if not, well, "they" say rightly that Tinderbox is for exploratory brain-work, eh? No harm if we can't specify in advance ...

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