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Message started by Mark Anderson on Feb 19th, 2013, 12:59pm

Title: aTbRef - intrinsics listing & TBX XML describe
Post by Mark Anderson on Feb 19th, 2013, 12:59pm

Yet another update. Two more changes, one big, albeit both are more for the power user. The first, for those using agents and actions is a listing of all the TB intrinsic attributes. It might look like a lot more than thought but many a calculated anyway so the difference is perhaps moot. Still, there is now a list! It is here.

The above fell out from some work that is probably only of interest (other than for perusal) to the real coders: a description of the XML structure of the TBX file. This does warrant a few warnings - to save Eastgate having to chip in with them:
  • This is not some sort of official vendor API dpoc - it's just a description of what you see if you looks at the raw XML of a TBX, and how it maps to the data you see in TB.
  • It's about to change when v6 arrives. My excuse is I needed to do the core of this for a consulting client so it seemed a shame now to round out the work. Plus, I learned a few things and remembered a few more things I'd forgotten. So not entirely wasted, plus power users will have a cross-reference for looking at v6 XML changes in due course.
  • If experimenting with TB XML, keep back-ups! Likely a mis-type will have unexpected results. Quite expected - except to for the person experimenting on their only copy of the vital data!
  • Using this section, it's worthwhile having a TBX open in your code editor as a cross-reference. Even better if the editor allows you to collapse tags (and thus hide the enclosed lines) so as to help see the object/tag structure more clearly.
  • If you plan significant in/out data workflow via XML likely you'll really need to touch base with support at some point, though hopefully this new data will make that later in the process if at all.
Also available is this Clarify HTML doc, which was the basis for the aTbRef expansion. A PDF of this and the TBX used to make the grabs are now in my demo bank and so will be in the next issue of the Tutorial CD/DMG as/when that happens.

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