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Message started by Mark Anderson on Feb 25th, 2013, 1:58pm

Title: Some TBX-only features of aTbRef
Post by Mark Anderson on Feb 25th, 2013, 1:58pm

I've added a new page here which might be of interest to those who've never downloaded the TBX source file of aTbRef. Partly by dint of what it has to do the create the website, the TBX contains a number of what are effectively further demos of some of TB's functions. It's not all HTML-export related!

Title: Re: Some TBX-only features of aTbRef
Post by J Fallows on Feb 25th, 2013, 6:20pm

Mark A., I think I speak for all the TBX user diaspora in thanking you for the incredible care and work that has gone into this file. Thank you!

At the risk of again sounding dense, I wonder if I could ask you to clarify one aspect of downloading the ref file in TBX format. The instructions on part of your site http://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref5/index/AboutaTbRef/ObtainingtheaTbRefsource.html say:

A recent version of this file (including all needed HTML export templates) this will be downloadable from the root of the HTML site:


The files are packaged as a ZIP archive that should extract to a new folder on download. The above zip doesn't contain any of the site's images but a separate zip is available from:


The above unpacks to a folder "images" that should be placed in the root folder of your local aTbRef, i.e. alongside the "index.html".

Here is the dense part: When I un-zip the zipped version of the file, I get aTbRef.TBX with no particular root directory. If I saved the zipped file into ~Downloads, that's where the .TBX file shows up too. Where is the root directory into which I am supposed to unzip the images? Just that same one? Again, sorry not to grasp this automatically.

Title: Re: Some TBX-only features of aTbRef
Post by Mark Anderson on Feb 26th, 2013, 4:51am

Oops. Passage of time - I need to revise those instructions. This is why a genuinely like to hear about errors and omissions - with so many pages to track I'm regularly embarrassed to find another overlooked corner. The resource is about to hit it eighth birthday!

Bottom line:
  • The TBX zip. This just unpacks a TBX, which you can open in TB. You can put it anywhere you like, so moving it from Downloads to your Documents folder is probably a good start.
  • The images zip.  this unpacks a folder of images that are (only) needed if you wish to export and use the HTML version of aTbRef on your own Mac - or do so and them move the whole resource elsewhere on your LAN. You do not need the images zip if you're only using the TBX resource within TB - the images are used only by the HTML pages (though I guess you could look up the image names in the TBX's notes' $WebImage attribute and go find the resource via Finder).
  • To make a local HTML version, open the TBX, File menu, Export HTML, choose a new/existing folder location on your system (TB will remember this), and export. Now, drag the images folder (from the Zip above) into the folder where you exported the TBX's HTML pages. The 'images' folder sites alongside the 'CSS' and 'index' folders.
  • Open your local HTML version by opening the 'index.html' in the exported folder. All in-site links are relative so work in situ?
  • On an academic or corporate LAMN with no or restricted web access? Once you've done a local export an aTbRef on your Mac and added in the images, you can move the export folder - i.e. the whole website - anywhere on your LAN. As long as you know the UTL for it's home the whole site will work from the new location.
  • One small exception is the version/build checker which looks at aTbRef's server - but you could customise that is you want.
  • Note the Creative Commons licence. I've added this so if people want to build off this, translate it, leverage it, do whatever within an organisation where copyright etc. is scrutinised then the CC licence should help.
  • Above all, whilst my personal outboard brain for TB, it's there as a shared community asset. As such errors and omissions are welcome. The app changes over time and some things become moribund or simply no longer the case.
  • My aTbRef probably gets some small change 2-3 a week. I don't update the zip for typos - I just upload the page. The RSS/Atom only get updated on a full export and as, with similarTo links on, this takes c.5 mins (15 secs without!) I don't do a full export so often. The images zip is updated as when images update (though there's no tracker for this).
I hope that helps clarify things. If not, do ask. I hope the end result will help shape a new aTbRef that is clearly missing at the moment!

Although the TBX does store use the images, I've realised we may be able use a trick I developed for the index of my Demo Bank to seed $File - in notes that export with an image - so that clicking on it can open the relevant image via Finder and read alongside the TBX note. [Note: not currently implemented]

Title: Re: Some TBX-only features of aTbRef
Post by Mark Anderson on Feb 26th, 2013, 6:49am

Image linking idea now implemented and online files updated. See this thread.

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