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Message started by Peter Sass on Sep 3rd, 2013, 6:22pm

Title: Request for better reading typografi
Post by Peter Sass on Sep 3rd, 2013, 6:22pm

I want to keep my writing in Tinderbox as long as possible until I eventually need to export it in some way. But the appearance of the text window when I open a note is bothering me.

So I have a suggestion for how Tinderbox could be improved in a big way with modest means. Well, I cannot judge how small the means, but to me as user it would be a big improvement.

In book design it is a generally accepted fact just pick up any pocket book that a book page that is easy to read has a line-length of sixty-something characters, that it has a font-size that is not so small that it is a strain on the eyes and that there is a little leading between the lines so the eye more easily follows the line without being let astray by the lines over and under, and especially so when it must jump to the beginning of the next line.

I recently bought the application Ulysses III. It has got this exactly right, even the default values are so well judged that there is no reason to change anything on these points. The defaults are a line-length of 64 characters and 1.6 leading.

I suggest that the same thing is made possible in preferences so the user can indicate the number of characters in a line and the amount of leading that the user prefers. It would make reading and writing in Tinderbox a much more pleasant experience.

At the moment the possibility of leading just is not there. I can of course get the line length I wish if I adjust the window of every note every time I open it.

An other point that I have found curious is that point-sizes in Tinderbox seem so small. A 12 point font in Tinderbox looks nothing on the screen like a 12 point font in a book.

Otherwise I love Tinderbox, would not want to live without it.

I use version 5.12.1, so the might already have been solved this without my being aware of it.

Regards Peter Sass

Title: Re: Request for better reading typografi
Post by Mark Bernstein on Sep 3rd, 2013, 7:22pm

Leading is controlled by $LineSpacing -- change the default $LineSpacing from 100 (percent) to 160 in order to obtain the leading you desire.

All Macintosh type is relative to your screen resolution. At 72 dpi, your 12pt type will be exactly 1/6 of an inch high, just as in print. If your screen varies significantly from this -- for example, you you're using a retina display at top resolution -- Tinderbox fonts will indeed by much smaller. Simply increase your defaults.

Tinderbox Six has (yet another) text engine. The typography will make you quite happy, I expect!  We'll try to get a screen shot up shortly.

Title: Re: Request for better reading typografi
Post by Mark Anderson on Sep 4th, 2013, 11:13am

If you're having to re-size text windows each time you open them, then it's likely you're turned off this default preference 'Remember window positions'. On the same preference panel you can choose a default width and height for any new note window. NB: the width includes the sidebar, if shown - which it is by default (also set by a preference on the same pane).

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