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Message started by Evan Kline on Jul 24th, 2014, 10:19pm

Title: Agent dialog
Post by Evan Kline on Jul 24th, 2014, 10:19pm

I can't seem to find the Agent dialog (the dialog box with various menus that constructs your Agent for you) that I've seen mentioned, and seen screenshots of, in various reviews and tutorials. Is that present in Tinderbox 6?

I tried constructing an Agent by hand, and it's not working properly. I created an Agent with the Query of $MyAttribute.contains"MyAttributeSetValue" and the Agent box (or whatever the proper term is) on my map is returning much more than just the notes with that value in that particular attribute. I even went in and set the attribute value to "None" on some notes, and they still appear incorrectly in the agent. I'm assuming I created the Agent incorrectly, or have the Note attributes set up incorrectly, but I'm not sure which.

Thanks for any help.

Title: Re: Agent dialog
Post by Mark Anderson on Jul 25th, 2014, 2:30am

I think you refer to the Create & Rename dialogs from v5. These have gone (for all sorts of good reasons) and the contrls are nw in the Inspector.  I've written a walkthrough for those used to the v5 way of doing things. Note that agent text matches are case sensitive by default (or unless you use .icontains() which is case-inseitive regardless of other settings)

This is invalid syntax, if indeed the code you actually used:


The .contains() operator needs parentheses around the match pattern:


Try the latter instead. Note that if the target attributes is a List or Set type then .contains() behaves slightly differently as only whole individual list values can be matched, unlike for strings where partial matches are allowed.

Otherwise please post the exact query code used, the type of attribute targetted and the sort of value(s) you seek to match.

Title: Re: Agent dialog
Post by Evan Kline on Jul 25th, 2014, 10:07am

Thanks for the reply. I did have invalid syntax (I left out the parentheses), and your suggestion fixed it for me.

The dialog I was talking about, was a way to create the Agent syntax automatically with some drop downs - it would ask what I wanted to test against (MyAttribute) and what I wanted that value to be in order for that note to show up in the Agent. Here is a screenshot I found on another site:
http://www.rebecaschiller.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Screen-Shot-2013-07-17-at-4.44.15-PM.png. I haven't been able to find that interface element in Tinderbox Six.

I'm definitely going to look at the tutorial you linked to, as it seems very helpful, although unless I'm misunderstanding it, it seems like a way to configure the headings on the table? If it is for more than that, then I still have a good bit to learn (I'm not a programmer, so even the syntax used in the tutorial is something I need to learn before it will make sense). I guess I was looking for a point and click menu to construct things, which might not exist.

Title: Re: Agent dialog
Post by Mark Anderson on Jul 25th, 2014, 11:20am

OK, the dialog you link to the the now-gone v5 Create/Rename dialog. In which case the first thing you should read, of the links I gave in my last post, is the one for a 'walkthrough'. It explains where the Create/Rename functions move to in v6.

The 'query' builder is not retained in v6. It was complex for what it did and only covered a tiny fraction of what could be done. Whatever, it's gone. The Action Inspector does usefully now have auto-compete for attribute names (system and user). If you get stuck on query syntax, just ask and don't forget the action codes section of my aTbRef.

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