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Message started by Mark Anderson on Apr 28th, 2015, 9:39am

Title: aTbRef6 - draft
Post by Mark Anderson on Apr 28th, 2015, 9:39am

Re-writing 8 years' incremental output has been a bigger task than envisaged but there's enough in place to be of use, so here's the link to the new site:


The site is not fully finished. Bear in mind:
  • As content gets moved around/merged, URLs will change (especially again the v5 site structure). The sitemap shows all pages: http://acrobatfaq.com/atbref6/index.html. The re-structure is both to aid finding things and to remove unintentional duplication over the years.
  • Most of the new UI is covered and I'm working on the rest.
  • I've updated most images except where the features are largely unchanged (e.g. some map visual features). as with the writing, there's more to do. If any pages do have missing images (i.e. coded but showing a missing image icon) the I'd love to know.
  • Links. Some will appear to be wrongly placed. It's not a mistake but a glitch that's being actively worked on as I write. As a result of the temporary issue, I've ripped out a lot of links in the short term, though they will return in due course.
  • The site uses a benchmark of v6.2.0 - i.e. anything in the v6.2.0 release is considered already in v6. Changes from v6.2.1 are signposted in text where pertinent.
  • Info on tutorials & wizards has gone as have pages on deprecated codes. The old stuff is still in the v5 aTbRef if you're clinging to out of date codes. As I find them I'll also be purging old code usage as feel using current styles is kinder to the new user.
  • [edit]I omitted to mention the the TBX is not available at this point nor is the change/version reporting system working yet.[/edit]
Feedback is always welcome - I write this but it's intended as a community resource. I especially welcome good short examples for action codes, though I'm not looking to document complex workflows but rather how the individual parts might work. Until the reference part is done (still lots to do) I don't intend to broaden the remit as some have been suggesting.

Whilst I know a lot of links are temporarily missing, I'd welcome input on anywhere, topics aren't cross-linked in a way that stopped you learning/understanding something: e.g "I was learning about topic X but it's dependent on using feature Y and there was no obvious reference to Y or links to it.  

I'm also mulling some link pages - probably manually recreated - to help learners get a handle on where certain features crop up across the many facets of Tinderbox.


Title: Re: aTbRef6 - draft
Post by Mark Anderson on Apr 28th, 2015, 12:44pm

Site just updated with Creative Commons v4 licence and with HTML/CSS optimisations for speedier loading and better usability on mobiles and tablets.

Title: Re: aTbRef6 - draft
Post by Barbara Snyder on Apr 28th, 2015, 11:45pm

Is there a way to know if a particular page is considered complete? I don't want to send in comments on a page you haven't actually changed yet.

Thanks -- Barbara

Title: Re: aTbRef6 - draft
Post by Mark Anderson on Apr 29th, 2015, 3:37am

Any page with a purple banner section at the top may be considered still 'under-construction' though in many cases it's just as a reminder I need to put the links back in. The current index (start) page for aTbRef6 is a case in point. Some very new features like Attribute Browser are sparsely described as I've simply not had time to dig down into the details - if anyone has I'd welcome some notes I can build on.

Feedback is welcome, though at this point I'm looking for typos, missing cross-references or incomplete examples. I'd re-iterate that examples are small-scope deliberately, i.e. what is the syntax for using String.doSomething() and not how is String.doSomething() used in building a book plot or a GTD file, etc. Those broader issues are for later and likely a separate resource.

Title: Re: aTbRef6 - draft
Post by Raggie A Pauly on Jun 8th, 2016, 1:22am

Great to see this info here

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