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Message started by Mark Broere on Feb 23rd, 2016, 5:22pm

Title: First questions from a TBX-novice
Post by Mark Broere on Feb 23rd, 2016, 5:22pm

Hi everyone,

I am a brand-new user of TBX 6.4 (and new member of this forum) and I am - as expected - a bit overwhelmed by what it has to offer. I think it is best to step by step get acquainted with what TBX has to offer (based on my needs).

I have bought The Tinderbox Way (but have not yet fully read it) and have -partially - read Getting Started with Tinderbox. Also I have checked the aTbRef Site Map, but I do have some questions.

1. In the aTbRef Site Map I read that the preference-pane is showing several options. In my TBX version 6.4. I only see «Register» on the preference pane. Is this correct?

2. I would like to make notes bigger than they are by default. I think that what I need to do, is:

- make a note
- creating an OnAdd-Action --> but with what action can I change the size of the note? I have tried «OnAdd: $BadgeSize=32» but I see nothing happening when adding a note in the container with that Action (I think BadgeSize is not the applicable Action, but which one is?). And I did also not notice a difference in the size of - what I think: is - the badge of a note. I have looked for other actions, but have not yet found the answer. English not being my native language makes it a bit hard for me to always fully understand the sometimes rather "technical" instructions: I am not always sure that I fully understand what is written.

3. When I delete a note from TBX, what happens with that information; does deleting a note leave on or more traces of "deleted" information behind or is the info "safely deleted" / shredded and overwritten?

I hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance for your help!

Title: Re: First questions from a TBX-novice
Post by Mark Anderson on Feb 23rd, 2016, 6:13pm

#1.  Preferences has only one pane in v6, as documented here (in v5 there were more panes but preferences were completely redesigned for v6). The remains of what used to be document preferences are now Document Settings. The latter are still accessed from the Edit menu (and opened by shortcut [Cmd]+8).

#2. Bigger how? In what view? As you're referring to badge size my hunch is you mean map view. If so, the physical dimensions of a map icon are controlled by $Height for the vertical dimension and $Width for the horizontal. The defaults (in Tinderbox map units) are $Width of 3 and $Height of 1.86. To edit these defaults for the whole document, use the Document Inspector's System sub-tab. There use the top search box to find the attribute (type its name without the $-prefix and then the return key. When that attribute is selected you can change the default.  This will not affect existing notes but will affect all subsequent new notes added.

The $OnAdd action attribute (also set via the Action Inspector Action sub-tab holds code applied to any child of a note so doesn't apply in a map context unless you are not using a map at root level and set the $OnAdd of the maps's container. In the latter example, if you wanted to make all notes in a particular map to be created 6 units wide and 4 high,(regardless of the doc default) the $OnAdd would be:


As you've found, $BadgeSize has a different purpose relating to badge artwork shown on map icons and next to title in outline and chart views.

If unsure of the purpose of any built-in attribute see this listing.

I should add that besides using attributes to set a map icons height/width, you can also simply drag the edge or corner of a selected note on the map to change its icon size. There are many different styles of use, so don't assume you're trying to find the 'correct' way to do these things. Instead, you need to find the combination of actions that suits you're work style.

I'm sorry my reference is only in English but I have included the Google translate width on every page of aTbRef.  In the aTbRef v6 site is is at the bottom of the page below the grey navigation bar and above the Google search. I realise this is only machine translation but it may help figure things out.  But don't feel the need to apologise and do point out if my explanations don't make sense.  :)

#3. Tinderbox has an Undo feature and OS X versioning as built into the Cocoa frameworks used to make the app. There is no 'trash' though. If you delete a note and it isn't in the undo buffer it is gone. It is a good idea, when starting out not to experiment on documents holding actual work. Use a new document (or a copy of an important document) to try out new features. Also, don't forget Time Machine as another possible way to recover data deleted by mistake.

As there is no in-app 'trash' once you've deleted a note, and save the document the deleted note's data it is no longer in the TBX data file. So it is a 'safe' delete in that sense. However, do be aware that if the data is sensitive you may want to delete it from Time Machine, iCloud, Dropbox, etc. if you use any of those.  Of course those features are outside Eastgate's control.

I hope that helps. Just ask if still confused.

Title: Re: First questions from a TBX-novice
Post by Mark Broere on Feb 25th, 2016, 6:24pm

Thanks a lot! Indead I meant the size in Map-view. I will have a look at your info and will try it out on a new document.

Title: Re: First questions from a TBX-novice
Post by Mark Bernstein on Feb 26th, 2016, 11:07am

Changing The Size Of New Notes

Tinderbox offers several different ways of changing the size of newly-created notes in map view. Each is subtly different.

  • You can increase the scale of the map stepwise using View ▸ Magnify, or you can pinch-zoom the map to adjust the scale.
  • You can change the default values of $Height and $Width, changing the initial height and width of newly-created notes. Because these attributes are inherent to each note, this won't change the size of existing notes.
  • If you only want the dimensions to apply within a specific container, you can use the container's $OnAdd action to set the $Height or $Width of each note added to the container.
  • If you only want certain notes to have a special size, you could use an agent to (say) find all the notes that mention Sloane Square and make their $Height the same as their $Width. (NB: the agent in this case wants to change the size of the original note: $Height(original)=$Width(original) -- rather than the size of the alias inside the agent: $Height(this)=$Width(this) )
  • You can use Edit ▸ Document Settings ▸ Map to ask Tinderbox to expand the note horizontally or vertically if the note’s name is too long for the available space.

There are probably additional answers!  Note that each of these does something distinct; today you may want one, but tomorrow you'll want another.

Title: Re: First questions from a TBX-novice
Post by Mark Anderson on Feb 26th, 2016, 11:43am

Bullet 4 may lead to confusion that original notes and aliases (in agents or elsewhere) can have a different height/width. This is because whilst most attributes are are common to all instances of a note a few are treated as 'intrinsic'. See more on intrinsic attributes.

(clarified post above: MB)

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