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Message started by quirp on Jan 31st, 2017, 4:46pm

Title: Importing notes into a note
Post by quirp on Jan 31st, 2017, 4:46pm


I'm just getting acquainted with tinderbox, but already managed to organize and write a minor (academic) essay with it.
I've used primarily the Map-surface for visualizing specific parts of the essay  as separate notes and arranged those within adornments. Mid way I attached something like a time-line next to the growing tree-like-map.

For every 'specific part' (with it's own note) of the essay being an explicated subtopic of its own, the separate parts become quite scattered. Above everything I cultivated a 'Master Document', embedding the different notes over time. However, I kept coming back to the notes and kept making changes to their content. (And sometimes even to the Master Document.)

This of course brought the Masternote and the separate notes 'out of sync' and at some point I had to go through every note and compare it with the content of the master document.

So, while starting the next essay I've been wondering if there's a way to automatically embed the separate notes with their corresponding content into the master document.

I see some problems here. Reciprocity for example. For if the content of an astray note was embedded into the masterfile, how could there be 'backwards' compatibility?
Maybe the problem could be dodged by making the Masterfile static, so that there would only be one-way data-entries?
A second problem would be the order of the embedded notes. Maybe that problem could be solved by applying a hierarchy qua ascending numbers as values?

Just how! If this can even be realized. I think this really would improve my workflow.

I'd be thankful for suggestions!

Title: Re: Importing notes into a note
Post by Mark Anderson on Feb 1st, 2017, 4:14am

'Embed' for what purpose? The design concept of Tinderbox is to write/annotate in small notes then assemble as needed for export. In other words, if you want to look at the document in long form, then select the desired note(s) and export to RTF of to some form of marked-up text ('HTML' but you can use other mark-up).

If you're using primarily a map, be aware that the 'order' of items on the map, for things like export, is the Outline order ($OutlineOrder). This is the order you see in the Outline view of your notes - see more of map vs outline here.

If you do use the 'HTML' style export, note that you can preview the rendered form without exporting via the Preview tab of the text pane.

If you absolutely must make a single note with all the text of other notes, you could try a stamp:

$Text = $Text("A") + "\n" + $Text("B");

This replaces the current text of the stamped notes with the text of note 'A', a line break and then the text of note 'B'. However, I'd note that this method doesn't retain text style or links.

Title: Re: Importing notes into a note
Post by Mark Bernstein on Feb 1st, 2017, 10:25am

Two things to consider:

a) Rather than assembling the notes into a “master note”, you might consider keeping the notes separate and using Tinderbox's export facilities to compile the text.

b) You may find a better discussion as this point in the new forum at http://forum.eastgate.com/

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