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Real Names, Please (Read 133571 times)
Mark Bernstein
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Real Names, Please
Aug 10th, 2007, 12:47pm
We'd really like people to use real names here.

I've written a good deal over the years about the pitfalls of comments in weblogs and forums; real names sometimes encourage responsibility. In addition, real names remind everyone that we're serious people doing real work (and, sometimes, serious fun), something that 'handles' tend to obscure.  It's just too easy, for example, to say "I hate wikis!" under a pseudonum and forget that this is bound to be seen by people who have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars bringing you a wiki.

So, we're serious about the real name policy.  We're willing to arrange exceptions if, for personal or professional reasons, you can't use your real name.  And we don't mind if you use a pseudonym if your pseudonym if famous and your real name isn't. If you want to write here under a name that isn't on your passport, email tinderbox@eastgate.com and let us know.

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