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Finding text within current note. (Read 4269 times)
Jack Baty
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Finding text within current note.
Sep 03rd, 2007, 4:56pm
I sometimes create longer notes and would like to constrain the search to just the note I'm working on. Is there a way to find text by searching only within the current note?

The current process is to bring up the find dialog, search, and double-click what I hope is the note I'm working on from the list. This works, but skipping that middle bit about the Find dialog would be neat.

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Mark Anderson
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Re: Finding text within current note.
Reply #1 - Sep 4th, 2007, 5:25am
I think that's a 'no' (or perhaps a Feature Request), as you need a 2 stage filter: first the name of the containing note and second the desired search text.

Sadly an agent doesn't help here. Whilst it can locate the correct note by the query Name(^Note name$)&Text(Something to search for) it doesn't - as Find does - by highlighting the search string.

There are requests from some users for Search & Replace and the above need might get folded into that, but I think it could be implemented more simply (quickly - dev time /cost!) in the current find menu. So I'm proposing...

... the Find dialog's left drop-down adds another entry 'Current Note' to the top section (i.e. after 'Name' & before the divider line). If selected, the middle drop-down would be greyed out and the search-box would be used to input search strings as usual (perhaps now limited to string litterals not regexp?). Only the note selected in the current view would appear in the match list and double clicking it would open it will all instances of the current search term highlighted.

I guess one could alternately add an option to Agents to highlight matches but I think that's more complex (agents match on other things than just text string) plus - more importantly - when you close the Find dialog there's no other work to do (e.g. deleting an agent) in order to clear up.
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Mark Anderson
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