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Badges in outlines and apparent indent space (Read 20201 times)
Les Orchard
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Livonia, MI
Badges in outlines and apparent indent space
Oct 15th, 2007, 6:53pm
In my outlines, it looks like there's a wide blank indent between the small icon of the note and where the text begins.  I've realized that in that space goes the icon from which I can drag a link, and the icon of a badge for that note.

The problem is that so far I never use either of those features in outlines.  Would there happen to be any way to reclaim that apparent indentation space and tighten up the outline width a bit?

If not, consider this a feature request for options to hide/show either or both of those columns in an outline node, until such time as I find a use for them in my regular habits.  And I do realize that this is a picky visual quibble.  Smiley
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