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The look of containers (Read 3867 times)
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The look of containers
Jan 05th, 2008, 4:22pm
Is there a way to make containers one solid block of color rather than the dark bar at the top and the lighter space beneath?  Using tbx for presenting, I would like the contents of the containers to be invisible within the solid block rather than have it look like a sort of window.
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Mark Anderson
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Re: The look of containers
Reply #1 - Jan 6th, 2008, 8:10am
I don't believe this is possible - not least as most people want the opposite - i.e. they want the container to be a viewport to the layer below.  As such the container is drawn in a lighter tint of the container icon's main fill color i.e. 'Color' attribute). From v4.0.2, the viewport uses a tint of the container's MapBackgroundColor, which can be a totally different color to the current map level.

If you don't want to see any note icons in the container viewport, simply drill down a level where you will see a background set of line indicating the parent viewport - move any icons outside that and then go back up a level. The container viewport should now show not note icons.

Note too that agents use the same colouring principles as containers (pre-v4.0.2 behaviour re MapBackgroundColor) with the distinction that the agent name is at the bottom of the icon, below the viewport.  You can't alter with the agent viewport display either.

I think what you seek is effectively a feature request to suppress the viewport for containers.
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