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Application Icon + sundry observations on 4.1 (Read 2426 times)
Johnnie Wilcox
Ex Member

Application Icon + sundry observations on 4.1
Feb 5th, 2008, 8:21am
First, I want to say how happy I am with the release of Tinderbox 4.0 and, now, 4.1. The update to 4.1, in particular, provoked in me a sense of the uncanny (pleasant and odd) since I was implementing somewhat complicated rules and agents for putting note attribute information in notes' names. DisplayExpression and DisplayName are fabulous. Also, the Container attribute really improves the utility of Tinderbox, but of course you know this. Thank you for this substantial update.

The new application icon is in many ways an improvement over the previous one. However, I miss the shape of the previous icon because its shape made it easy to spot in a line of two-dozen. The color of the new icon does help in this regard. The shape, however, could be more distinctive and could unify its two main themes--"fire" and "container"--which in the current icon are somewhat disconnected.

The current icon shape is casket-like (long, flat), which is necessary in order for the topside flame logo to be visible. But the fire badge separates the two ideas, making the "fire" theme a visual abstraction.

The concepts "fire" and "box" can be unified by changing the box shape (taller, closer to a cube) and opening the lid a crack. Have tendrils of fire emerging from the box's interior. The silhouette of such an icon could be even more distinctive and its thematic expression would be visually embodied (rather than visually abstracted).

Overall, a fantastic update, icon included.
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