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File names longer than 27 characters (Read 3416 times)
Allan Tsai
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File names longer than 27 characters
Feb 15th, 2008, 11:27am
I seem to have encountered an issue where Tinderbox has trouble handling filenames longer than 27 characters.

This appears to show up in two places:

(1) When saving files, I cannot type a filename beyond 27 characters. I can overcome this limitation by giving the file a short name and then renaming it beyond 27 characters in the Finder. However, when I reopen the file in Tinderbox the filename is post-truncated with a # and what looks like HEX code. (e.g. #84565A)

Question: How should I handle saving long filenames in Tinderbox?

(2) When I drag a text file into Tinderbox for importing if the filename is too long it will again truncate the name with HEX code when the file becomes a note. I must subsequently edit the note name. I am trying to import a large batch of old text files into a Tinderbox document this way. (Maybe there is better way to do this?)

Question: How should I handle importing files with long names into Tinderbox?


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Mark Anderson
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Re: File names longer than 27 characters
Reply #1 - Feb 15th, 2008, 11:50am
Last time I tested, I managed a 31 character name (including extension). This is a current limitation (i.e. no support for long filenames). Both your questions lead back to the same issue.

There is some tangential discussion of this on the AskHere and [url=]FeatureRequests[/url] pages of the wiki. For now, I think long filename support is a 'requested feature'....
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Mark Anderson
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