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Voice recognition with Tinderbox (Read 3765 times)
Paul Walters
Ex Member

Voice recognition with Tinderbox
May 07th, 2008, 9:14am
I recently sprung for the MacSpeech Dictate product, which is new on the market.  The voice-to-text dictation mode is very good - although it lacks a strong technical vocabulary and there is no function to spell out words (this is promised for a later release).

With Tinderbox, it is useful when compiling notes with a lot of text.  I am working on a project that entails gathering snippets from printed sources, and I can read the text to Dictate, which does a faithful transcription.  I find the best workflow is to first have Dictate transcribe into its included notepad, and then copy/paste the text into the Tinderbox note.  Dictating directly into the note, while possible, sometimes results in transcription errors.  (This is not an issue with the Tinderbox software - it is because of alleged Mac input device conflicts that are beyond my ken.)

Dictate can be extended by the user - Applescript or Automator actions can be attached to any text you wish, for use in "command mode" - the mode wherein you can tell your machine what to do.  In this way, someone so inclined can teach Dictate how to navigate Tinderbox's menus for further voice control.

Very nice integration for uses where a good amount of non-technical text needs to be recorded.
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