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Date/time and time sensitive comparisons (Read 3159 times)
Mark Anderson
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Date/time and time sensitive comparisons
May 09th, 2008, 7:53am
Answering current threads where we're trying to work around both time-sensitive and separately time-insensitive comparisons set me thinking. Personally, I don't use date comparisons a lot so don't have a strong view but seed this idea for those with more pressing needs to discuss.

One angle on the is time/no time issue would be to turn the date comparison thing on its head.  Currently, to deal - rightly - with user needs to find 'today' stuff, an = matches anything with today's date at time 00:00 through 23:59. I'd note at this point that the following would have significant impact on current TBXs but I mention the idea in case it sparks something more elegant.

From v4.2.0, 'now' is the same as 'today' as a placeholder.  However, now that we have 'now' as the exact current dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm (or equivalent local format) it would be go if 'today could mean all of today, i.e. dd/mm/yyyy 00:00-23:59 inclusive. If - if - TB could expand that time range internally (that might be complex?) then = could be case sensitive and Deadline=now and Deadline=today could return different and logical results. At noon, Deadline>now would return this afternoon's results, whereas Deadline>today would return values after 00:00 tomorrow.

OK, 'today' is already taken as a placeholder and plus = & date comparisons are handled differently with both having a body of TBX code running on those assumptions, so change would not be without impact.
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