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Gardening (Read 30402 times)
Mark Anderson
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Re: Gardening
Reply #15 - Jun 25th, 2008, 3:43am
Rafter, no problem. There should be an email button at the bottom of each post (I'll PM you my address as well). What TB version are you using? I ask just so I know whether to use internal templates or not - internal keeps it all in one file & I find that better for maintenance.  also let me know if you prefer tab-delimited or comma-separated as your text format for Excel imports.

In you email, could you list the export columns  - in order - by name and indicate for each what the relevant attribute is called and the data type of the attribute. In most cases the type doesn't matter but with Date fields we need to consider formatting for correct Excel import, assuming you want an Excel date cell when imported - otherwise we can just generate a text string that Excel will treat as text.

If you haven't already, take a look at this thread on Exporting for Spreadsheets where I've linked to a quick generic demo of the process you describe.  With your info and can make templates more suited to your task.
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