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Can Agents create links? (Read 6383 times)
Jose John
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Can Agents create links?
Aug 31st, 2008, 1:47am

I want to use an agent to create a link from one note to many others.

Say I am tracking news and each news item mentions a few companies.

Each news item is a note, of *news prototype.

Each company is a note, of *entity prototype.

How do I define an Agent which cycles through each *entity note and links that note to ALL notes of type *news where the name of the company occurs in the news item?
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Mark Anderson
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Re: Can Agents create links?
Reply #1 - Aug 31st, 2008, 5:13am
Tinderbox can't automatically create internal (as opposed to at export) links for you.Actions - the 'doing' code for agents - works primarily on notes and their content, not links. It seems you need an action operator (and Expeort code?) that is the opposite of the current links() operator. The latter makes sets from existing links whereas you need to make links from existing sets or agent children (the set might be created by the agent). This looks like an interesting feature request.  

Thought: if such a feature were added it would be useful to be able to specify a link type (if nec. adding a new type); this would ensure that if you auto-added a lot of links and made a mistake you could find them using the Path view - Path view would also need to add the ability to delete links of the selected type (hopefully with a 'did you mean this?' warning.
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Mark Anderson
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