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Syncing Tinderbox Documents (Read 8197 times)
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Syncing Tinderbox Documents
Feb 06th, 2009, 12:28pm
Something I've always wanted an easy way to do was keep my Tinderbox files synced between multiple computers (work and home). For awhile I was just copying a back-up to my iDisk back and forth, which required me to remember to do it, and which I always forgot to do when I really needed it. I think I've got a solution now.

I started using Dropbox (http://getdropbox.com). With Dropbox I have a folder that is automatically synced. If I keep my Tinderbox file in that folder, every times I save it, it gets updated/synced onto a server and then onto my other computer.

So far so good. I think the only catch might be if I left two version of the file open and then edited both. Might have some conflicts, so at this point, I just have to remember to save and close every time I leave a computer.

That's not much of a tutorial, but I thought it might be helpful for others.
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Mark Anderson
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Re: Syncing Tinderbox Documents
Reply #1 - Feb 6th, 2009, 1:02pm
Yes, DropBox is neat. I got told about it the last Tinderbox SF weekend. A nice feature that it's easy to overlook is the service versions files so if you do make a boo-boo there's scope to back up and recover a previous version, though I should say I've not tried this in anger. also, besides being replicated on your computer (Macs & PCs can play) it's in the 'cloud' too.

I'm also using DropBox at present, thought as a guest. Mark B and myself are using it to share some testing data, it's his account and he's sharing a folder with me. As the 'guest' I install a DropBox client and I now have a Dropbox folder in my home folder. Neat, and as the 'sharee' I had to do nothing except install the client - nice for non-techies!
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