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Newbie: Trying to pass information up hierarchy (Read 2955 times)
Stephen Bellhouse
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Dublin, Ireland
Newbie: Trying to pass information up hierarchy
Feb 26th, 2009, 5:59pm
Hi, I have been working through the TB notes: A Task Assistant.
I have been trying out the code:
Rule: Urgent = any(child,$Urgent);

This is from the very last section:
Sometimes, we may want information to travel in the opposite direction. If we have a boolean attribute Urgent that flags top-priority tasks, we might want our assistant to propagate that information upward:
If a project has an urgent task, then that project is urgent
The new rule for Projects becomes
Rule: Urgent = any(child,$Urgent);

The code does not work for me ... is there a syntax error ?
What I started to play around with was rule code:
  {Urgent=true;Color="bright red";}
... but this does't work either.

Any help would be appreciated. I am evaluating TB for use with
analyzing requirements to build IT system designs.  

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Mark Bernstein
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Re: Newbie: Trying to pass information up hierarchy
Reply #1 - Feb 26th, 2009, 6:11pm
I just tried the rule, and it seems to work as I expected.

If you're keeping a text window or explorer window open for the parent, and Urgent is a key attribute, you might not see the checkbox change: Tinderbox thinks you might be editing the value!


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